Who may participate ?

All clubs, members of a FIFA affiliated national association, may participate in the Paris World Cup. For the countries where football can be taught in the school system, we also allow teams affiliated to their school sports associations.

All players must be insured both for games and leisure time. 

Rules of the tournament

The tournament is played under all applicable FIFA or French Football Federation rules. The specific rules of the tournament are to be found in our website in the Official Rules tab. The games are played with official referees from various countries.

Dates and number of games

All teams play a minimum of 4 games between Tuesday July 5 and Saturday July 9.

A win awards 4 points, a draw 2 points, a defeat 1 point and a penality 0 point.

The teams classified 1st and 2nd of the group qualify for Play-Off A. The teams classified after 2nd place qualify for Play-Off B.

During the Play-Off Phase, all games are knock-out games.

Duration of games

Group & play-off games

8-a-side: 2 x 20min

11-a-side: 2 x 25min

Number of players

There is no limitation as to the number of players in each team. You may note that no more than 7 substitutes can participate in a game for 11-a-side, and 5 substitutes for 8-a-side. Each player must be able to prove his age and identity. It is recommended that all players use the same shirt number for all games.

Number of teams in the tournament

The Paris World Cup organization cannot accept every registration applications. The teams paying first the registration fees, will thus have priority. A club may register a maximum of 2 teams in the same group of age.


Dispensations only will be granted in the Girls categories. Teams will be able to participate with 2 girls one year older.

Girls can play in Boys categories until U15.


Each player will receive a prize. For winners, the Paris World Cup Trophy will be awarded (gold medals). For runner-ups and teams reaching the semi-finals, a trophy will also be awarded (silver and bronze medals).



The Paris World Cup will be played on 13 football fields. All fields are artificial grass (astroturf). They are all located inside Paris and easily accessible by bus, metro or tramway. Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (districts) and our football grounds are located in 5 of these arrondissements.

Below is the list of the football grounds that will host the Paris World Cup 2015:

Stade Lenglen (15ème arrondissement) : 3 astroturf fields
Stade Rigoulot (15ème) : 1 astroturf field
Stade Jules-Noël (14ème) : 1 astroturf field
Stade Boutroux (13ème) : 1 astroturf field
Stade Tour à parachute (13ème) : 1 astroturf field
Stade Maryse-Hilsz (20ème) : 2 astroturf fields
Stade du Parc de l’ile de Puteaux (16ème) : 1 astroturf field

Famous arenas !
Stade Charléty


(crédits @wikipédia.fr)
Well-known from the parisians, le Stade Charléty has a long story. Built in 1939, the arena can seat 20 000 persons. It has two stands which currently are the host of 2 parisians clubs, Paris FC and PSG Women. Stade Charléty is the biggest venue of the Paris World Cup.

Stade Déjerine


(crédits @wikipédia.fr)
Le stade Déjerine also has a story, with Paris FC again who played there from 2000 to 2007. After a return in 2013-22014, the club moved to Stade Charléty. Still, the Stade Déjerine can host 1000 persons which makes it the second largest venue of the Paris World Cup !


2016 is the year when France hosts UEFA Euro. Yet, another major football event will take place in the country in 2015, the Paris World Cup. Thousands of players from all around the world have planned to gather and take part in the world youth football cup in Paris. From July 5 to 11, the Paris World Cup organization wishes to help young girls and boys to live their dreams through football. 

At first, the Paris World Cup was a dream between volunteers on football fields for many years with a club in the heart of the French capital, Pitray-Olier Paris. Meanwhile, Christophe and François Claret de Fleurieu participated every year to the biggest world youth football cup in Sweden, the Gothia Cup. Agents for various events, they also organized a tournament famous for its high level in football and for its good organization, the PO Paris Tournament.>

The Paris World Cup is launched within the prestigious HEC Entrepreneurship programme. It combines an experience of living a football world cup with the irresistible attraction that Paris casts on the youth all around the world.


Our Values

Universality – The Paris World Cup is for the youth from all around the world. It is opened to boys and girls, abled or disabled, regardless of their origins or skills. 

Olympism – The Paris World Cup wishes to contribute to the friendship between  nations in a fair-play environment. Participating is yet a unique opportunity and all participants shall be winners in a way. But the Paris World Cup is also about pushing ones limits a little further. The best teams will thus be remembered !
Education – The Paris World Cup aims to broadcast strong education values. The meeting of people from all around the world to teach tolerance and respect. The many treasures of the city of Paris to discover the French culture. The use of public transportations and recycling ads to contribute to sustainable development. Moreover, campaigns on topics such as Public Health, Referees or citizenship will be launched.



Paris for the coaches

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